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Editorial Reviews. Review. "There's plenty of fun to be had from this a hymn to the joys of The Long Utopia: (The Long Earth 4) by [Pratchett, Terry. eBook . "The Long Earth novels are beautifully visual and wittily imagined The Long Utopia serves to remind us just how bewitching and rich this. Title details for The Long Utopia by Terry Pratchett - Available Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter's internationally bestselling "Long Earth" series, hailed as "a .

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Learn more about possible network issues or contact support for more help. National Library Board Singapore. If you haven't read the previous books, don't even try this one. Baxter and Pratchett use a lot of what they set up in the other installments and don't go easy on newcomers. The concepts of Stepping are further explored in what I can only imagine was Baxter's input to the story, and the super-intelligent Next are main players in the game this time round.

Joshua takes another Sabbatical, now in his late sixties, after he realises nothing is really left for him in his home. His son is estranged, and he feels The Silence is encroaching on his mind once more. In all the other books, Joshua was my favouite character to follow, but this time round, he stays so far out of the main story for so long that I couldn't keep as interested in him as I wished.

By the time he gets word about a final great journey with Lobsang, you begin to think that the authors were just spinning their wheels until the climax of thestory to utilise him. Still though, through his travels we get an insight into the trolls that the previous books never attempted, and we find out that they aren't just smart animals, but have a very complex society that is far larger than humanity's.

Another story that seems to be given a detour is Nelson's. No longer a priest, he is contacted by Agnes to be told that Lobsang has left details that he has a son and grandson out in the Long Earth. While his main story is to track them down, he gets sidetracked to also track down Lobsang, who has taken his own sabbatical from humanity. Much like Joshua, these characters aren't utilised greatly until the final act. All of the new characters are centralised around the Invitation to explore the cosmos.

Two workers on the new space station in the Gap are inlisted to aid with The Next in their deciphering of the instructions to build a super-intelligent machine sent with the Invitation.

A young boy growing up in the same Home as Josh did begins to see patterns in the stories that travellers tell each other, and discovers a secret call for helping The Next in their building of it. Maggie is called back from her travels to oversee the co-operation between The Next and humanity.

Through them we find out about the theories that Stepping can be used to not only travel the Long Earth, but to also travel the universe. The concept of travelling 'North', onto other planets light-years away, is looked at. I guess what was good about this final book was also what was bad. The further exploration of the Long Earth, seeing possible worlds that support a strange life that could technically be earth, is what I expect of these books.

It's always been fun to see what new way life can exist on the planet, given a few changes in earth's past. But I feel that at this point in the series, it should have been given a backseat to the overall plot.

The vast majority of The Long Cosmos doesn't actually deal with the Cosmos. When the machine is finally built, and the crew take that first Step into space, there just isn't enough time to properly explore it. We get a mere glimpse at a couple of planets, and a few hundred words from Lobsang with some theories as to what happened on these planets.

There just isnt enough for a book that seems to promise a lot more. However, it was fun, seeing more alternate earths, and getting a passing look at the greater universe.

It would be nice down the line to get some sort of spinoff to explore the cosmos, but without Pratchett's contribution I don't think it would be the same. Looking forward to reading this, the previous four had the right amount of Pratchett and Baxter to make the concepts gel well with the characters' stories.

Here's hoping that the final addition to this series is a satisfying end to the tale. Also adds a tinge of sadness knowing that this is more than likely the last Pratchett-related release that can authentically carry his name.

Will add review once it's released. Jun 30, Chris Evans rated it did not like it Shelves: World after world of nearly identical procedurally generated nothing. Slightly randomized animals that are really just bits of other animals put together, and a plot to get to the center of the galaxy. The book is very empty and comes across as a little depressing. Look Stephen, just because you reference Contact over and over, doesn't mean you and just rip off it's plot whole sale.

Well, not whole sale I guess, Contact had a three-act story structure, and this never managed to escape the Setup. This book has all the drama of a sightseeing tour through Yellowstone.

The primary focus of this book is NOT the "Long Cosmos", instead it's mostly filler of more parallel earth meandering about dealing with unimportant side plots.

I'd like to mention again how much I hate the Next, and not in the way the author wants me to. I know, he makes them obnoxious on purpose. My real problem is how he tries to give the impression of how smart they are. Their language and how it evolves over the course of a conversation and everyone talking at once type thing. It comes across more like the author doesn't know how language works or how smart people think rather than that the characters are intelligent.

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FYI, an airplane or helicopter wouldn't work while stepping, I wish he'd stop using them. At a high stepping speed, there wouldn't be enough time to build up the pressure difference above and bellow the lifting surfaces to generate the lift to hold it in the air.

A rapidly stepping aircraft like that would simply fall out of the sky. Original Review: It's really sleazy to use Terry Pratchett's name to sell these books.

He died before book 4 was even published, yet his name is the most prominent text on this cover. Don't be fooled, Pratchett didn't write this, he only contributed with some ideas for the earlier books.

[PDF Download] The Long Utopia (Long Earth) [Read] Full Ebook

It wouldn't be so bad if these books weren't terrible, stop dragging him down to prop up your mess of a series! There is actually 1 part of this book that was clearly written by Pratchett at some point. Chapter It's got no real consequence to the story and just about the philosophy behind everything. What it really does, though, is to highlight now non-Pratchett everything else is.

It was easily the best part of the book. If you're a Pratchett fan, just read Chapter View all 11 comments. Jul 18, Jean rated it liked it. I'm sad - Although this final book in The Long Earth series was supposedly co-written by both authors, Prachett's touch is very definitely missing. It feels laboured and disjointed, and my overall feeling is one of being distinctly underwhelmed. Did anything happen? Nothing intrinsic to the long term plot.

Many ideas were set up, but not delivered, plot devices proposed but then fizzled out, several concepts borrowed from and referenced to other great sci-fi works, but of no consequence.

I was s I'm sad - Although this final book in The Long Earth series was supposedly co-written by both authors, Prachett's touch is very definitely missing. I was so eager and excited in June, anticipating it's release. A step too far? Es werden m. Besonders hat mir gefallen, wie die Autoren die Next eine neue, hochentwickelte Menschenspezies weiterentwickelt haben, die eine Koexistenz ahnen lassen.

Apr 12, Eric Allen rated it really liked it. I put off reading this one for a year or so. I'm not really sure why. I enjoy the series, despite it's apparent lack of anything resembling an actual plot. This series is more about exploring ideas, infinite possibilities, and what it means to be human, than it is about telling a story.

If you've enjoyed the first four books, this one is pretty much more of the same sort of stuff. I have a very great appreciation for the creativity that goes into these books, and all of the what-ifs and maybes t I put off reading this one for a year or so. I have a very great appreciation for the creativity that goes into these books, and all of the what-ifs and maybes they bring up about the world, and the people living in it. This series is very different from any I've ever read.

It's not often that someone comes up with a relatively original idea, and is able to explore it so deeply as this. This book seemed to have a bit more to say on the subject of life, and its inevitable end, than any of the previous books, and that may be due to the untimely death of co-author Sir Terry Pratchett. All in all, it was a pretty decent ending to the series.

Utopia eBook

Jul 09, Lisa rated it it was ok Shelves: Too many ideas, disconnected from the people in the story. Too many characters spouting technobabble in the face of the infinite. The few touches that felt like Terry Pratchett were few and far between. The professor always berating his assistant Jocasta was my favorite character, which is a little sad.

Jul 01, Nooktastic37 rated it it was ok. Missing the humor and charm of the previous books in the series. I kept waiting for something to happen, like being cast away on a megger-earth.

Jun 04, Janice rated it really liked it Shelves: The multiple alternate earths The Long Earth moves out into the universe. The story is ok, more Joshua Valiente sp - I've only listened to audio, so may have spelling wrong , more trolls, more Next, more Lobsang. It's another vehicle for speculation about other worlds and their flora and fauna.

Our heroes are getting old, but still continuing. And it's fine. I love it for the hints of Pratchett that still show up, though again, I think it's mostly Baxter. I love Pratchett enough to be happy wit The multiple alternate earths The Long Earth moves out into the universe.

I love Pratchett enough to be happy with what I can get, since there won't be any more. Read for completeness, and love of Pterry. Pues hemos llegado al final del camino y, con sus altibajos, el viaje por la tierra larga ha merecido mucho la pena. El cosmos largo es un estupendo cierre a toda la saga aunque reconozco que el final me ha dejado un sabor agridulce: Mar 24, Steph Hayward-bailey rated it really liked it.

I wasn't sure I'd enjoy this book as the last 2books of this series struggled to maintain my interest. However this book was on par with the first novel and made me enjoy exploring the long earth again.

I think I enjoyed this novel more due to the heavy presence of the trolls and how Joshua is the main narrator as in the 1st novel, with fewer chapters being narrated by others. Apr 08, Christopher rated it it was amazing.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The Long Cosmos brings the tale of Joshua and Lobsang to another roller coaster ride of exploration and discovery with the discovery of a message that is being sent to every being on The Long Earth from the Sagittarius region of space!

D This set the tone of the book with humans, The Next and Trolls and everyone else on the planet but this of course division in ideas and so the complexity of the situation. D The sets things going in a another different direction but at the same time it ties things in with events that have happened way back in the previous books with some very unexpected and clever ties ins!

D There is also some serious pop culture references and in jokes through with Monoliths coming up a lot and not to mention the discovery of The Next's invention of replicators which immediately leads to a command of Tea Earl Grey! Which along with everything else will really have your ribs hurting!

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D It would be easy enough for the characters themselves to be completely caught up in all of this but the book takes the time to cover the characters themselves through various means such as Joshua getting dragged all over literally The Long Earth with the trolls and Maggie having to deal with her new command and Lobsang being dragged kicking and screaming out of his virtual world!

D In addition though there are a host of new characters introduced that stand up equal in the limelight from Snacho through to many people across the Long Earth who end us stowing away on the trip to answer the call!

D The eventual trip itself is handled brilliantly but at the same time it opens up even more possibilities even though this is ostensibly the last book in the series possibilities and further books are always possible following the events that take place in it!

D The characters take another leap in in time and personality in this book that gives everything a different but tone to the previous books in the series but the book is still an incredible ride of exploration and adventure with more revelations and incredible galaxy building revelations that will have you losing sleep in order to find out what on earth and everywhere else!

D is happening! D The book is epic in every sense with each page of the book putting the story on an a scale much like The Long Earth itself and it is the events and characters that the story resolves around but at the same time each of the worlds are described in brilliant detail with environments that are brilliantly worked out but familiar but at the same time very different exploding trees and troll predators come to mind!

D The book deals with issues all over the place which gives the characters plenty of time between the action to debate these things which informs so many of the decisions that they make that gives the book great substance to the subsequent events which play brilliantly with the humour as when they make their great discoveries and the immediately start playing in the sand which makes a potentially pretentious take on things actually resolve into humourous take and will have you rolling with laughter!

He died in at the age of sixty-six. Stephen Baxter is an acclaimed, multiple-award-winning author whose many books include the Xeelee Sequence series, the Time Odyssey trilogy written with Arthur C.

Clarke , and The Time Ships, a sequel to H. Wells's classic The Time Machine.

He lives in England. The Long Utopia.About the Author. Thief of Time. And some must make the ultimate sacrifice. Looking forward to reading this, the previous four had the right amount of Pratchett and Baxter to make the concepts gel well with the characters' stories.

Jack McDevitt.