FOREVER TRILOGY Book 1 - Forever Black Book 2 - Forever You Book 3 - Forever Us By Sandi Lynn New York Times, USA Today & Wall. The plane isn't even picking us up until noon and by time we get back to New York, with the time difference, it'll be close to eight o'clock. We'll be jetlagged and I. download or read book online in pdf or epub. Forever Us (Forever, #3) was published by Sandi Lynn Books on 26 November This book was very.

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Forever Us book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The story of Connor and Ellery Black continues in the last installment. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Sandi Lynn is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who spends all of her days writing. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. I'm a wife and the mother of three teenage girls. Forever you, the highly demanded second novel of USA Today's bestseller Forever Black. Connor Black's life consisted of his company and his use of.

I couldn't stop thinking about Kyle and how he just left. We were never apart for more than a couple of days, and now we'd be apart forever. Once again, I was alone. I knew why he decided to leave, and for that reason, I hated him. I gave him every opportunity to tell me the truth, but he couldn't even look me in the eye and do that.

He was a coward, and I had no room in my life for cowards. Even though I felt sick to my stomach, I got up and made my way to the table as Peyton put some food on my plate.

You need to focus on something else. You need to finish your paintings and get them over to the art gallery so that people can find out who Ellery Lane truly is," she said, waving her fork around. I smiled because I knew she was right; if there was one way that I could escape the hurt and loneliness, it was through my paintings. She reached over, put her arm around me, and gave me a squeeze. The minute she asked, "May I help you?

One thing about Peyton was her personality; it was way bigger than her five-foot-two, size zero body. She always sported the perfect look with her long, straight brown hair and perfectly placed makeup that enhanced her bright blue eyes. I didn't think I'd ever seen her dress in a pair of sweatpants. For her, it was all about style with skirts and cute little tops. There wasn't a shortage of guys when Peyton was around. They were always flirting with her, but she had yet to find the perfect man to give her heart to.

I didn't feel like eating, but I knew I had to appease Peyton, or she wouldn't leave me alone.

I think I'll go take a bath. I turned the water on and poured a capful of bubble bath in its stream. I twisted my long, blonde hair up and clipped it to prevent it from getting wet.

I climbed into the bubble-filled bathtub and slid down until my head was resting on the bath pillow behind me.

I lay there, closed my eyes, and tried to think of a plan, but I was too grief-stricken, and I needed the proper amount of time to wallow in self-pity before moving on with my life as a single female. By the time I got out of the bathtub, Peyton had everything cleaned up. She left me a text message saying, "Elle, get some rest and call me if you need anything. I'll call you tomorrow. Love you always. My mother passed away from cancer when I was six, and my father died right before my eighteenth birthday.

I had an aunt and uncle back in Michigan, but I hadn't seen or heard from them since my dad died. I'd always considered Kyle's parents as family, but now that we'd broken up, it would be more than awkward to talk to them. After I made sure the door was locked, I turned off the lights and snuggled in my bed, burying my head under the covers to escape the reality of my life-at least for tonight. Chapter 2 For the next few days, I did nothing but stay in my pajamas and concentrate on finishing my paintings.

I called work and told them I had the flu. They told me to take the rest of the week off, which was something that I didn't have a problem with. I was afraid I couldn't afford it, but I needed to get my paintings finished and off to the art gallery.

I wouldn't have been good company to anyone anyway. I made my third pot of coffee of the day and checked my phone to see if I had any messages. Kyle hadn't made any attempt to contact me since he left. How does a person just forget about someone after being with them for four years? A fire stirred in my blood just thinking about it. The way I saw things, I had two choices: I could sit in my tiny apartment and let my life die out, or I could suck up what happened, go out into the world, and live.

I opted to go out and live. I wasn't ready to die yet; I had too many things that I wanted to do. I frantically cleaned my apartment, which was long overdue, and I was ashamed that I had let it get that way.

Sandi Lynn

I took a garbage bag and began tossing everything out that reminded me of Kyle. I was determined to rid this apartment of any sign of him. By the time I was finished, my little home was practically bare. The shelves in the bookcase that housed pictures of me and Kyle now sat empty, reminding me of the emptiness that I felt in my heart. I finally showered and stood in front of the bathroom mirror. I took my hand and wiped the steam that formed over it.

I looked at myself for the first time in days. My ice blue eyes-which Kyle used to tell me reminded him of the sea-looked tired with bags that formed underneath them.

I ran a brush through my long, blonde hair and then fingered mousse through it so that it dried wavy.

Forever Us

I put on some makeup to try to hide the fact that I'd been depressed and locked in my apartment for a week. I stepped into my favorite jeans and was surprised they were loose in places they never were before. My five-foot-seven, size four body appeared to have shrunk a bit since the breakup.

I tore through my closet for my favorite pink shirt.

See a Problem?

Once I was ready, I took in a deep breath and called a cab. It was time to step out into the world and start my life again. Manny pulled his yellow cab up to the curb of my apartment as I walked out the door.

Seeing me struggle with the three paintings that I was carrying, he got out of the cab to help me.

Manny was my favorite cab driver, and I'd known him since I moved to New York. When I called a cab, I always asked for Manny. Sometimes he was available, and sometimes he wasn't. He stood about five-foot-ten with a muscular build. He always wore his black hair in a ponytail, and his brown eyes always sparkled when I'd ask him about his kids.

He was a family man and one of the nicest people that I'd ever met. His cab was the one that first picked me and Kyle up when we arrived in New York.

I sat in front of the cab with him so that my paintings could sit comfortably in the back. Kyle doing, Elle? The expression on his face was sympathetic. Are you okay? I was a mess last week, but now, I'm adjusting. Or was I just a good actress?

He pulled up to the art gallery and helped me take the paintings out of the cab. I paid him the fare and thanked him for his help.

Then, he got into the cab and slowly pulled away. Peyton saw me from the window of the gallery and came outside to help me bring in the paintings.

She called the owner, Sal, and told him that I had arrived. He came down from his office and kissed me on both cheeks.

I was contracted to submit three paintings to his gallery as a trial. One of the paintings was a romanticism of a man and woman dancing under the moonlight and surrounded by clouds. The second painting was of a garden with a fountain surrounded by beautiful flowers.

Forever Us

The last painting was of a child in a white dress sitting in a field of flowers as three angels looked down upon her from the sky. All three paintings spoke something about me. I'm sure I won't have any problem selling these. I felt a little embarrassed because this was the first time that I was going to be showing my work to the world. He led me over to a small wall that was sitting bare.

That relationships were doomed before they even started, and that as long as the attraction to someone is It was at that moment I began to experience the world differently from everyone else. I accepted my fate, living my life to the fullest and Lying, cheating bastards. All of them.

I had a great boyfriend, a great job, and a promising future. Until the redheads started ruining everything. In an instant, my life changed.

My boyfriend cheated on me, I was forced to quit my job, a After years of being molded into the perfect daughter, I played a role. I was only what they wanted me to be. My parents controlled everything. My life, my friends, my c Lightning Logan strikes again. Playing for the NHL had been my dream since I was six years old when my dad took me to my first hockey It was on my list. But I did. No names.The connection.

Please if you have not started book 1 or you have and your on to the last one or two, continue The Blacks have an amazing group of friends and family and it is reflected so much in this book as well. Despite the rumors and warnings regarding Connor Black and his use and misuse of women, Ellery finds herself being drawn into his world.

I always finish books I start, but I must say that this one was a bit painful to see through.