Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book is a live-action American adventure film co-written and directed by Stephen Sommers, produced by Edward S. Rudyard Kipling's classic tale of Mowgli, the orphaned jungle boy raised by wolves, and John Cleese and Shannon Shea in The Jungle Book () Jason Scott Lee and Shannon . Select any poster below to play the movie, totally free!. Rudyard Kipling's classic tale of Mowgli, the orphaned jungle boy raised by wolves, and how he Shannon Shea in The Jungle Book () Jason Scott Lee and Shannon Shea in The . Select any poster below to play the movie, totally free!.

Film Jungle Book 1994

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Jason Scott Lee and Lena Headey in The Jungle Book () Shannon Shea in . Also in this film adaptation he is not referred to by his name; only once he is. IMO the best scene of whole movie. The Jungle Book[] - The Best Scene. Discort. Loading Unsubscribe from Discort? Cancel. This Disney live-action film contains elements of action, adventure, a nature film, Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book may not hew as closely to the book as its.

It would be more honest to say the characters have "names from the Kipling stories," since that is the only connection.

The sweet innocence of Kipling's fables about a boy who learns to live among the animals is replaced here by an "Indiana Jones" clone, an action thriller that Kipling would have viewed with astonishment. What next?

And yet viewed entirely apart from Kipling and the alleged source material, "The Jungle Book" is actually quite an entertaining movie and a splendid showcase for the talent of Jason Scott Lee , who plays Mowgli, the boy who grows up in the jungle, speaks the languages of the animals and owes more than a little to the origin story of Tarzan. Lee is a casting problem for Hollywood - he doesn't fit in the usual molds - but when he is in a role that fits, as in " Dragon: Here, in a role that might have turned silly in other hands, he brings perfect conviction; he seems at home in the jungle, in action sequences, in quiet talk and waltzing at a formal ball.

The film begins as if it's going to be a live-action version of the Walt Disney cartoon, with young Mowgli making friends with a British girl his age, named Kitty.

After a mishap separates them and he grows up in the jungle, there are cute little sequences where he rescues a bear cub that has become trapped in a log. Then there's a flash-forward to the present, and we're in Temple of Doom territory. Mowgli stumbles upon a forgotten temple in the jungle, filled with unimaginable riches.

Then fate reunites him with Kitty Lena Headey , who with her father Sam Neill , a British officer, is stationed nearby. He comes to live on the base, among such classic colonial types as John Cleese in pith helmet , and learns excellent English in no time flat.

Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book 1994 Stephen Sommers Jason Scott Lee Mowgli

And a tender feeling, the beginnings of love, grows up between Mowgli and Kitty. A sinister young officer named Boone Cary Elwes considers her his territory, and he and his fellow officers take delight in humiliating the young man from the trees.

At a dance, Mowgli waltzes gracefully with her, but then a cruel practical joke is played, and before long Kitty's engagement to Boone is announced, with her lukewarm consent. Mowgli is crushed, but philosophical: You must run with the man pack.

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It is the proper thing. Mowgli and his pet wolf cub are lost in the confusion - Mowgli is now assumed to be dead.

The next day, Bagheera the panther finds Mowgli and his wolf cub - he brings them to the wolf pack who adopt them. Mowgli also befriends Baloo the bear cub.

The boy develops a strong bond with the animals. Years later, Mowgli finds Monkey City whilst chasing a small monkey who has stolen the bracelet belonging to Kitty. Kaa engages Mowgli in a fierce duel, but Mowgli eventually defeats Kaa, and is given back the bracelet afterwards.

Kitty and her father have returned to India. She again encounters Mowgli, but they do not recognize one another. Kitty is in a relationship with William Boone , a loyal yet arrogant soldier. Mowgli enters the Man Village in search of Kitty.

Kitty recognizes Mowgli when she sees he is wearing the bracelet she gave him when they were children. Boone and his men place Mowgli in prison. Kitty and Dr.

Plumford decide that they must help Mowgli learn the ways of man again. Kitty and Mowgli find themselves falling in love but Brydon does not approve of this because he believes Mowgli is unacceptable for Kitty for being raised by animals, despite being relieved that Mowgli is alive.

Boone, meanwhile, has discovered a dagger which Mowgli was in possession of. He learns that this treasure comes from Monkey City and he decides that he must force Mowgli to show he and his men the way to the city. Boone asks Kitty to marry him, to which she accepts.

Mowgli leaves the village as he believes he does not belong there. Kitty calls off her engagement to Boone after his cruel treatment to Mowgli and Brydon decides to send her back to England. The next day, Boone teams up with Sgt. Harley , Lt.

Wilkins , Buldeo , and Tabaqui in order to capture Mowgli so they can get to the treasure. They nearly succeed until Baloo intervenes and is shot.

The Jungle Book (1994 movie)

The men then call bandits to ambush Kitty and her father. One of the bandits shoots Brydon in the leg, but Bagheera and the wolf pack intervene and kill most of the bandits.

Boone and his men threaten to kill Kitty and her father if Mowgli does not lead them to the treasure.Interested in seeing an action packed movie? These scenes are unsuitable for small children, and the "PG" rating is laughable. Through an accident, he meets up with Kitty again and also with an evil young English officer. David Kronke. Buldeo Ron Donachie