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The Eugene Schwartz Lecture To Philips Publishing. October 8, million. His book, Breakthrough Advertising is considered a mail order classic, and the. Do you've a pdf link for Breakthrough Advertising - Eugene Schwartz?. gave to Philips Publishing. Most people know him best for his Breakthrough Advertising book, which is also a must read. But this little pdf packs a powerful punch.

If you work with a computer - a good computer, lots of bytes - you can say to the computer, "Solve this problem for me. How did you solve this problem? The computer cannot lie. It doesnt have that circuit built in. We have a very large number of lying circuits built into us. Now what Im going to try to do is take the lying circuits and move them over here and be transparent.

That means Im going to answer any question, give you all the information I can, completely honestly. And well see how that works because thats the only way I can possibly impart anything of value to any of you.

Now, I know youre extremely fine professionals and much of what I say for the first ten minutes is going to be too elementary for you. But I cannot discuss anything unless I go over the very, very, very, very beginning. This is a timer. It is the most valuable thing I ever bought in my life. I go nowhere in the world without a timer. Whenever I do anything, I press in "3, 3, 3, 3". That means 33 minutes and 33 seconds. I then press the start button.

Now were going to speak for Now, why do I do this? Because I dont think anyone can work for a very long period of time without interruption. And if you do, you exhaust yourself too quickly. When a posse used to chase a criminal out West where I come from, Butte, Montana, very important fact the horse thief would ride for an hour, and then hed get off and walk the horse for an hour, and then hed get on the horse again and ride.

And the posse would ride for an hour behind him, get off the horse and walk an hour, and then ride. Why wouldnt the posse go faster?

Because the horse would be exhausted and drop dead. Okay, your mind has a way of dropping dead on you. So what we do is we give it this Okay, thats Number One. Number Two is the fact that I come from Butte, Montana. Now, youve probably come from a lot of different places rather than this particular place. I was very fortunate to be born in Butte, Montana. Its a very small town of 30, people.

I grew up there. I left when I was I live in Manhattan - I lead an extremely sophisticated life in Manhattan. I try never to lose the Butte, Montana in me. Because the Butte, Montana in me is everybody in this huge country of ours. Now, I dont know how many of you read the National Enquirer every week.

You cannot lose touch with the people of this country, no matter how successful or how potent you are. If you dont spend at least two hours a week finding out where your market is today, you are finished! You will have a career of three blazing years and be finished.

Eugene Schwartzs rules of great copywriting are in fact the rules of great marketing and great editorial. And, yes, Schwartz says, these are rules, and I'll expound upon them: Be the best listener you ever met.

Never "create"- know the product to the core and combine the details in new ways. Write to the chimpanzee brain, simply, directly. Failing often, and testing big differences, shows you are trying hard enough.

His packages not only sell millions of books for them, but also provide an inspiring model for everyone. No writer in the business can match Schwartzs energy, intensity, and ability to pile benefits on top of benefits on top of benefits. Two of Schwartzs packages - for Dick Bensons Wellness Encyclopedia and Rodales Secrets of Executive Success - have an astonishing separate and distinct benefits to the downloader in the former and in the latter.

Dont lose that. Talk to every cab driver you meet.

Speak to everyone you can. Be the best listener you have ever met.

Join 50,000+ entrepreneurs who are earning their freedom and living their dream.

Talk little, listen much. That is your market talking. You dont have to have great ideas if you can hear great ideas. Marty Edelson is the owner of Boardroom, Inc. And he said, "Okay, what do we do?

Nicholas Kusmich – The Perfect Facebook Ad Funnel

Im gonna sit and Im going to listen and youre going to talk. And I just sat there like youre sitting there right now, taking notes. And when he said things I just took it down. And about 30 minutes into it he said one sentence. And I took it down, and then we finished.

And I said, "Well, thank you. I went home. My wife takes a long time to wake up. While she did that, I wrote the ad. I put in the ad from stern to stern. I couldnt Copyright ProfitTips. So I then put it away for two weeks. And in two weeks, I sent it to him and he ran it. It was his idea. It was his conception. It was his vision. All I did was write it out and give it to people. You must be in contact with your market. You must listen.

You must let the ideas come to you. If you dont let the ideas come to you, youre going to rely too much on your own creativity.

Breakthrough Advertising

These are all fundamentals. The number one rule of success in anything - marketing, football which Im going to talk about a lot today , chess, etc. And its so funny. Its so easy to say, "Work, work, work, work, work. I was telling Richard that I have a very peculiar life.

I live at home. I have no boss. Ive never had one since the second year I was in business. I am a West-Coast person who doesnt relate very well to the East-Coast clock, and so every morning I get up about ten and by or , Im ready to go to work. I work every single day of the week. I work on Saturdays and Sundays, too. I have never had a writers block, an editorial block, or any other kind of block.

I create 12 to 15 mailing pieces a year. I never have any trouble getting started on them. I work between three and four hours a day. I work extremely intensely. I work in half-hour spurts as Ive already told you. Ill tell you how I manage to get the work combined with creativity. Its very simple. Never Mistake That Now, I am of the opinion that the absolutely most talented copy writer in the world, who doesnt work very much, will be beaten by a copy cub who puts in four times as much work, because the creativity is not in you.

Never mistake that. The creativity is in your market and in your product, and all you are doing is joining the two together. And the only way you can get the creativity out of your product and your market is to dig it out. And the only way you can dig it out is dig it out more than anybody else digs it out. Im better, result-wise, than many great copywriters, who are better writers than I am, because I work harder than they do - and I can actually see the gaps in their working.

Let me explain that. We have what I call the Super Bowl of copy. I use football metaphors, because they are apt, and I hope everybody here understands them.

If you dont, Ill translate them into other metaphors, but they work very well for me. Take Rodale. Im not going to talk about Phillips Publishing at all here. Youre great, youre sensational; youre one of the greatest companies Ive ever seen. Ive studied you intensely, but Im not going to talk about you because Im going to talk about other experiences so you can relate the other strange experiences to your own and therefore broaden your scope of creativity.

Thats just Rodale Books. A very good company. Its done many innovative things, produces excellent books, etc. They hire two copywriters for every single new book they do. The two copywriters are sent the manuscript of the book, and they write ads.

Now, Copyright ProfitTips. I call everything ads, because I like to use short words. We then submit the two pieces. They are laid out by Rodales layout department. They send the copywriters a sort of preliminary layout then the artist and I talk about it, fix it up, get it right.

Its sort of a Super Bowl because these are the highest-paid copywriters in America. We all get lots of money. I have done that four times this year so far. Its not a Super Bowl where its once a year - it keeps going all the time. And you keep running up against these terribly, terribly, terribly great writers. To compete in it, I read the Rodale book.

Seven hundred pages. Four times. I underline the book so intensely that I get 40 or 50 pages of notes out of those readings. Those notes are then sent out to a secretary and she types up those notes so I get a precise "vocabulary. Well talk much more about that in a few moments.

When I am finished, and I am working on the copy, I know more about the book than the editor who has produced it. Because many times at Rodale, theyll come back to me and say, "This is not correct. This is too exaggerated, and I will say, "I combined something from page with " and the editor goes back and he says, "Yeah, okay!

It can be done!

Finding Those Hidden Desires Find your readers hidden desires. They are hidden, because your reader doesnt want to really talk about them, but they are in the subculture, hidden culture, under-culture of our civilization. Thats why youve got to read the things that people download.

Anything that people download. Vanity Fair. Youve got to read Vanity Fair. I dont know whether you are advocates of the Weekly World News. Youve got to read that because it shows the extent of peoples ability to believe. When you start working on the project, you go to the person who has initiated the project and you listen. You listen two ways.

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A person in books and publishing has probably done a lot of words on paper, so you read those. And then, if you can, you sit down with him and you just kind of turn on the tape recorder and you listen, listen, listen. Nobodys going to know more about it than you. Then you listen to people every single day of your life. Youre paid to listen. Its a very bad profession. Very lonely profession. Because it gives you almost no chance to brag or talk about yourself.

You really listen. Martin Edelson gave me a headline and theme for a whole new series of books which we have not even prepared yet because he said something at lunch the other day. You listen, you pick up ideas from people. Thats where they are. If you get them talking, they will come out. Okay, I guess the best guys are much better writers than I am.

Im not really that good. I havent got their flair. Jim Punkres a hundred times better than I am. So you work. You work, you work, you work.

You leave nothing out. No step undone. What the client gives you may be inadequate. If it is, you challenge the client. You have no client but the audience. You really dont care about anything but the Copyright ProfitTips. When Im finished I send my copy in, he sends his copy in, she sends her copy in, whoever it is.

The ads run. Direct mail pieces are mailed out. You then go over in great detail his approach and compare it with your own approach. Its a very good way to learn. Very humiliating. Very enlightening. I can see where they didnt do enough work.

I can see where they lost facts. And the loss of those facts stands out so clearly because I had the facts; they didnt have the facts. Usually, I win. When you are dealing with someone of real brilliance and they do a headline, thats absolutely beyond all belief, then you are going to have a hard time. Probably youre going to lose then no matter how many facts you have. Its exactly as if you dont have a piece of concrete in your building, and it collapses.

These are fundamentals, but they are universally applicable. If you dont get in the facts, youre just not going to do a top job. When you marshaled the facts, you then begin writing the copy. Now, we are specially privileged people. All of us. Because we are working in publishing. And what is given to you is not a product, but words.

Youve got a constant flow of words that you are investigating. So much of your copy is already written for you. So you start with their copy and your comments and additions and inspirations from their copy, and its there on these some pages. In your computer, on your screen and you start at the very top and you work your way down sentence by sentence and paragraph by paragraph by paragraph. Its very easy. Many very brilliant writers - as well as other workers in all fields, physical and especially intellectual - have trouble getting started.

They have what is probably known as a writers block, which is a Western phenomenon and does not occur much in the East. In Zen Buddhism for example, it doesnt occur at all. Why does it occur here and not occur there?

Zen Buddhists about 4, years ago invented a very simple way to make sure you get down to work. And to make sure you dont have a block. What happens when a Zen or a, lets say, me - Im partially Zen - starts to work? What he does is he takes out the piece of copy, and he calls it up on the computer. That is the vocabulary. All those little quotes.

He then takes out a cup of coffee. The same cup of coffee every day. He swirls it around and mixes the sugar. Mixes the cream and swirls it around. Then takes out a pad and a pencil and puts it in exactly the same space. Hes not doing anything very much. Then he takes out a little timer - that crazy little device - - and punches in Ive been talking for 13 minutes so far.

I know exactly where I am. He puts in 33 minutes and presses the start button. When I press the start button, I can do anything I want. All willpower is dissolved. I can do anything I want as long as it relates to the piece of copy in front of me. I can ignore it. Level Three: A level two market where the claims are to wildly exaggerated to be persuasive. At this stage, what works is explaining the uniqueness of the mechanism that leads to weight loss.

To continue using the weight loss example, this would be things like Acai Berry or Green Coffee extract. The active ingredient has some unique property that is credible in how it actually works. Another example would be reservatol-based weight loss pills.

Their explanation went something like this: Reservatol is found in red wine The French drink lots of red wine French women are thin despite gorging on baguettes and pastries. Get our reservatol pills and you'll be thin like French women, while eating whatever you like! Tony Horton's best selling fitness program P90X is also an example of this. The unique mechanism was "muscle confusion" although in reality it was "marketing by customer confusion" : 4.

Level Four: At this stage, the workings of the unique mechanism is generally accepted and lots of competitors are making the same claim. To stand out, you need to expand the claim in the same way that level 2 expands the claims of level 1. For example, after Acai Berry ran its course from to , the level four claim in was "pharmaceutical grade Acai Berry extract".

You can also see an example of this from the shaving blade wars. Initially just one blade was enough when King Gillette introduced the 'safety razor' in Original safety razor design from the patent filing c. And if two was better than one, why not three? I believe it was Gillette competitor Schick that introduced the triple razor--with a clean shaven Andre Agassi as spokesman!

Today, 5 to 7 razors are the norm as in the Gillette Fusion five. When the claim cannot be expanded any further, sometimes going back to the original simple product can work.Precisely that is what's in this book.

Remember, it must be your real email because the. And congratulations that you now own a copy. For example, after Acai Berry ran its course from to , the level four claim in was "pharmaceutical grade Acai Berry extract". One of the direct response marketers says you should write for the year old. You listen, you pick up ideas from people.