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ASSINATURA. Ano. Preço deste Centro de Documentação e Mediateca. 1 governação digital surgem como aspectos importantes na. O CNPAE é conhecido pela assinatura síntese de Embrapa .. em: doc//1/cotpdf>. Acesso .. digital para as linhagens de leveduras que se mostrou estável e (FAO. Agricultural Services Bulletin, ). Chapter 3. MO, H.; ZHANG, X.; LI, Z. Control of gas phase for. A assinatura oficial deste documento e declarações de validação . Fonte: Mozambique at a glance ( O país tem uma .. Na segunda componente, a FAO, UNESCO, ACNUR e FNUAP trabalharão por satélite digital o que permite uma cobertura mais universal.

Potential clients can also get acquainted with all available parcels and begin procedures of land submission. Although land bank instruments were first used in relation to agricultural ends similar to those required in Galicia, their scope of action has spread to other areas with spatial impact, with environmental or other specific social aims. GLB, despite allowing legal grounds for a variety of uses, has until now assumed an exclusive dedication to agricultural ends.

The GLB operates through a public company which can be considered an extension of the regional ministry of agriculture, and like similar administrative bodies in Galicia it does not include in its foundations the presence of other social partners, private or otherwise. However, Bantegal has been building collaboration with other actors not directly related to its staff, such as local universities, agrarian labour unions and other administrative departments.

Nevertheless, the inclusion and participation of their most direct stakeholders potential as well as actual clients is yet to be developed. In Galicia, we have seen that a majority of land is under private property and in a situation which eludes public control. Galicians, that is to say landowners, have inherited a burdensome legacy of state interventionism coupled with social destitution and a relationship with their rural background that carries contradictions in the way it plays with identities and affections.

Land banking wishes to mobilize land in order to contribute to a dynamic rural world. To that end, mobilizing land manifestly leads to the need for mobilizing people. Articulations 8 Data registered from November to October To date, the bank has been able to mobilize land 1, plots of land and thus bring about its main operational purpose.

Overall, the policy sought to find an agile and soft intervention to tackle a complex set of land issues where clearly a general laissez faire crowned by market self-regulation has not produced satisfactory results as far as agriculture is concerned.

In other words, the need to mobilize land goes together with the need to mobilize people. This means that the GLB cannot but take people into account, and ignores them at its own peril.

Amongst other benefits, several of the European subsidies reward size in their criteria, and across interviews such rewards were frequently mentioned by farmers. Interestingly, roughly at the time the GLB was launched, fuel as well as fertilizers and animal feeds hit skyrocket prices, opening general debates about market regulation and import policies.

For several farmers these events were the trigger to engage with the GLB discourse which claimed that by enlarging their territorial base, farms could reduce production costs, particularly in the case of cattle owners who can grow their own fodder through the attainment of extra land. For many of these farmers this option implies a departure from being highly market-dependent, a departure that interestingly harks back to that spurned but all-familiar traditional farming system, which then seems to lose some of its absurdity.

Amongst a series of inertia-provoking factors like family inheritance clarification, prospects of managing paperwork, etc. As previously noted, the legislation behind GLB has legal provision to apply penalty regimes in order to push landowners to lease lands within the perimeter of areas of special agricultural interest which are deemed neglected, but the political hazards of such a course of action clearly advise caution in its enforcement.

Accordingly, the strategy has been to rely on soft interventions via public campaigns giving away abundant amounts of information and popular merchandise. There is, however, the possibility of transforming this course of action and raising the critical awareness of power relationships and potential source of distortions in communication Habermas, ; Collins and Thomas, From then on, a variety of approaches are available to mobilize stakeholders beyond sticks, carrots, and sermons, and which involve methods of participation and mutual cooperation.

On the other hand, Galicia is a region which accommodates in its modest perimeter a surprising variety of social as well as biophysical landscapes that call for local, flexible, and human-scaled intervention.

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All of the above idiosyncrasies seem a challenging but overall appropriate field for change, distinct from the institutionalized and conventional top-down, centre-forward approach. In fact, once they are taken in context, land reforms cannot be realistically conceived if not integrated in a wider social fabric.

Thus, sustainability poses many other challenges to policy makers, such as providing or guaranteeing relevant levels of social equity and welfare, as well as integrating environmental standards within their policies. To be fair, large sustainable goals clearly stretch beyond the reach of land banking, but such limits should not prevent the questioning of the presence of such goals within land banking confines and possibilities.

So far, such precepts in the GLB have had a kind of collateral existence since they are referred to mainly as positive outcomes of the policy application, for example, the benefits of minimizing the risk of wildfires as a possible result of converting uncultivated abandoned plots of land. Land banking, however, has certainly the potential to enlarge and put into practice broader environmental standards, making it a cross-section concern in its modus operandi.

What seems to be the case is that behind the conceptual creation of such initiative there is a guiding and largely implicit principle that environment goals and agricultural productive ambitions are somehow opposing drives which can only meekly overlap.

Of course this can and often is the case if agriculture is taken as a one-dimensional and set-apart affair, particularly if a maximum-yields-at-any-cost approach is allowed to thrive unquestioned.

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One should not, however, rush to establish plain correspondences between value and production. A thoroughly cultivated plot of land is a highly symbolic environment where the social value of production must be considered on a par with its economic value. To that effect, interviews with landowners as potential bank clients show that their motivations to concede land have less to do with economic gains and more to do with the intangible value related to the prospect of seeing their land being tended, to the extent that cultivation of land is here akin to a sense of caring while unfarmed or abandoned land has its own share of connotations.

Research has attested that the social symbolic value of well-tended fields exists across a range of countries and farming landscapes Burton, a. Similarly, the idea of increasing production with its high social value is present in agricultural policies but also plays a part in the very ethos of being a good farmer and consequently is an important feature in contemporary farming culture Burton, a; Wilson, Resistance to change is not surprising because the fundamental references of farmers are being poked at, and often economic compensation is not enough to overcome established practices, an understandable reaction if one takes into account that many practices that have high symbolic value also produce economic benefits, although they should not be reduced to them Burton, a; Coimbra, These include being a young farmer, female, and settling in deprived regions, amongst others.

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The suitability of such procedure is, in any case, confined to a passive approach. Other proactive measures have been taken but were not planned as such, and thus must rely on the personal capacity of the manager to foresee them, and implement them along the way, along with the volatile political support that might see them through.

Interviewing different actors involved in this governance initiative — from policy makers to administrative officials and cattle farmers — has unveiled the contours of what farming and the rural world is expected to be according to different actors. Simultaneously it has shown that such an aspiration, central and conditioning as it may be in shaping attitudes and direct actions, remains mostly undisclosed. With 18 million passengers flying to over destinations, Lisbon Airport has yet another new service with its passengers in mind.

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In this way, dropping off or picking up someone from Faro Airport will be a faster, calmer, and more comfortable experience, as users will be able to stop next to the terminal itself.

As the entity responsible for the payment, safeguarding, control and monitoring of the tax, ANA has assunar agreed to make an advance payment of three million euros by 31 December.

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In the new food court, passengers will be able to enjoy a comfortable area with pleasant surroundings and a relaxing shopping atmosphere. Although land bank instruments were first used in relation to agricultural ends similar to those required in Galicia, their scope of action has spread to other areas with spatial impact, with environmental or other specific social aims.

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