and ethics as well as the early history of the faith in fifty lessons. prominent organization in the United Isl How to make your faith work. Pages·· John Erling: Granville Oral Roberts was the Founder of Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association and Oral Roberts University. Oral Roberts died December 15th. These Things. 3rd. ed. Tulsa: Oral Roberts, by ORAL ROBERTS. Oral Roberts .. board of elders out to the Oral Roberts University and have us share with.

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bring his board of elders out to Oral Roberts University and have us share with them And it illustrates the tremendous impact Oral Roberts University will have. smeltitherabpigs.ml - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Oral Roberts lays hands on a man at a healing crusade. He once said he had laid hands on 1 million people over his years of ministry.

In Ruth He is our Kinsman-Redeemer. In 1 and 2 Samuel He is our Trusted Prophet. In Ezra He is our Faithful Scribe.

Books by Oral Roberts

In Esther He is our Mordecai. In Psalms He is our Shepherd. In Proverbs and Ecclesiastes He is our Wisdom. In Isaiah He is the Prince of Peace. In Jeremiah He is the Righteous Branch. In Lamentations He is our Weeping Prophet.

In Amos He is our Burden-Bearer. In Obadiah He is the Mighty to Save. In Jonah He is our great Foreign Missionary. In Matthew He is the Messiah.

In Mark He is the Wonder-Worker. In Luke He is the Son of Man. In John He is the Son of God.

In Acts He is the Holy Ghost. In Romans He is our justifier. In 1 and 2 Corinthians He is our Sanctifier. In Galatians He is the Redeemer from the curse of the Law. In Titus he is our Faithful Pastor. In James He is our Great Physician, for "the prayer of faith shall save the sick. You Your need comes because of your LACK. You have a LACK of health. Angry words lodge in your spirit. You just don't feel like getting up.. What happens? Loneliness begins to brew in you. That's a lack.

Debts overrun you. You are alone.. Your problem is your NEED. I ask you again. And when you have a LACK. You don't seem to have any friends. What about another example? Your employer needs to cut back. Let me point out something to you. You lose your job. Do you see how it is? And it all stems from a LACK in your life. Your depression gets darker and deeper. You have a LACK of work.

You stop to think. You begin to worry. Something doesn't feel right in your body. By now you have a major problem. Your need has rushed in because of a void of something good. The worry piles in on top of the loneliness. You have a great need. You suddenly have a LACK of money. I don't have any friends who care. Think about it. Bills come. There isn't enough money. You have a LACK of wages. Suddenly you find yourself ill. Then what happens? Your sickness drives you to seek medical help. Even more bills.

You need even MORE money. The bills multiply. More pressure. You still feel miserable. Attack Your Lack You start to think about it. Why did I lose my job? Why not someone else? What's wrong with me? What's wrong with God? You start to look for another job. Is it what is keeping you from finding another job? Your wife and children get discouraged too. The angry words start. The cupboards get bare. That doesn't help.

Then sickness starts to take hold. You get more depressed about it. It's to go Nobody has anything. The frustrations pile up. You try alcohol or drugs to get rid of the reality. You get more discouraged. You have a major problem. I know a way to get at your need in its changing forms. Your problems begin to have problems! And it all stems from a LACK in your life.. You try to put on a cheery attitude. Through the kind offer of a friend he went to a house up in the mountains north of New York City.

Suffering agonizing pain. He's the only general I have who will fight. He went there alone to write his memoirs. During the dark days of the Civil War. He held off cancer until he had finished the last page.. It was the belief of people that he was a no-good. Again and again he attacked that lack. The lack he had attacked all his life was gone. With a knowing in his heart that he had helped save the nation. What is your need today? What LACK did it grow out of? What does God say about your lack?

Attack Your Lack book. Looking the last time at the sun muted by the mist over the valleys. There was a lack in General Grant that had dogged him all the days of his life. He never quit until on that lonely mountain he gathered his last strength to push his pen across the pages until the final detail was written. It caused a LACK of feeling self-worth.

He attacked and attacked and attacked. It is no accident you are reading this book. God has ordered that you "lack for nothing" 1 Thessalonians 4: He doesn't want you to have lack.

God has set in motion the power to "supply your lack" Philippians 2: He shows us here that He sends men and women of God across your path to show you His provision for your lack and to show you how to get it. What does that mean? It means God is on your side. God calls to your attention the time when His people believed and "they lacked My friend. I pleaded. I was so excited that I took my pen and wrote my name next to the verse so it read.

It is your faith. And we know it because I used to pray for God to give me faith. I have faith. Paul said in Romans And fourth. Then one day I opened my Bible and read Romans I cried for it. Attack Your Lack nothing" Deuteronomy 2: It doesn't happen automatically or even easily.

I begged. After Jesus' death.. Another Scripture that opened my eyes to the faith I already had is Hebrews He gave us the ability to believe He is a rewarder when we believe He is God.

We know it because we see other ordinary people. It's that part of you that longs to communicate with God. Faith is that part of you that responds to GOD and to God alone. He is our God.. It's that part of your will that you can commit to doing things GOD'S way.

Faith in what? Actually it's faith in WHOM.. It's having faith in a good God. And as a Christian believer. I urge you: You have what it takes.. Your faith is. You can attack your lack. You already know your lack is attacking you. Now you know something greater. God intends for you to win! These five men attacked their lack! Four of these men were lepers sitting at the entrance of the gate of Samaria and the fifth was a man of God living inside the walls where all the giving-up was.

No more hideous scene of lack is described in the Bible. They had given up and were now eating the flesh of their own children. The man inside was Elisha the prophet who was sent there by God to sit where the people sat. The people of the city were shut up inside the walls. Five men rose up and struck a blow for deliverance. They called on Elisha. Food that is now so scarce no amount of money can download it. Attack Your Lack Revelational Knowledge that would destroy the brutal forces starving the city into submission and to save the people—if only someone would ask for his help.

When all human hope was gone. In 24 hours you will SEE the deliverance of the people with your own eyes. He boldly said to the king and the people: Several people finally felt their need enough to ask for divine intervention. In fact. Immediately he interceded before God and received the word of deliverance by Revelational Knowledge. But now the invading armies surrounded the city. Finally they asked themselves. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place!

These men lived on the edge of disaster— caught between a cruel enemy army and a starving city—with bodies riddled by disease and discouragement overwhelming their souls. They relied on those going in and out of the city gates to toss them morsels of food.

If we go back into the city. They didn't know about the Revelational It was his choice to make. If they kill us. Nobody inside had food.

If they save us. As lepers. They were doomed to die. Meanwhile the four lepers were sitting at the gate of the city. Nobody was going in or out. By the sheer force of their will and their faith. The brief time between sundown and dark made it hard to see where they were going.

What did they know? They knew they—as four men. They didn't even have the hope of his prophecy in their hearts. They also knew twilight was not a good time to march. Even facing all these negatives. They were scared to death.

All they knew was that if they did not attack their lack at that very hour. So they took a step of faith. Attack Your Lack Knowledge of the prophet Elisha promising deliverance in 24 hours. Had you seen them as the sun was going down leave their so-called "safe" place at the gate of the city and go stumbling in their hunger and disease toward the enemy.

They're going to get themselves killed. As they approached the tents of the Syrians. They didn't know they didn't have what it takes to attack. Its wingspread is too small for the size of its body. The Syrians suddenly awakened and heard the sounds of the drumming hoofbeats of horses. God spoke to His angels to hook "horses of fire to chariots of fire" and pull them above the tents of the Syrian soldiers and make them sound like the noise of a mighty conquering army.

It was twilight. But God who never sleeps saw the four faith attackers coming against the army of Syria.

Remember the Bumblebee The scientists tell us that the bumblebee cannot fly. But the bumblebee doesn't know it. The four gaunt. When the four men who came marching in faith to attack their lack reached the first row of tents. Attack Your Lack night. The entire camp was empty! After they had eaten and loaded themselves with gold and silver.. I tell you. They were empty too! And the next and the next. You're crazy to The people rushed out of the city and plundered what the Syrian army had left behind.

Food was so abundant it was just as the prophet had said-pennies would download all the food a person needed. There was plenty of food and gold and clothes and everything they lacked.. They went to the next row of tents. The king's aide who had sneered at Elisha's prophecy of deliverance in 24 hours.

Things were happening exactly as he had predicted. I'm talking about your faith.. Don't be deceived. In his doubt he was crying. Because of your faith in God. And He has made a way for you. God is at the point of your need You must start to arouse your faith inside you and start your march against your lack. God is that good! God gets no pleasure out of your lack. What must YOU do? You must start to attack. He cares more about you than you can possibly care about yourself. What does this mean to you today?

Are you desperate? Are you caught in a crisis that crowds you in from all sides? I've got good news from the Word of God. The fact is.

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He had failed to attack his lack because he refused to believe the Word of God from the mouth of the man of God. These men You must rise up and take action—now! Read the story in 2 Kings 6 and 7 for yourself. You'll discover something important. Your lack is His concern even more than it is yours. But the opposite is also true. When you turn all your faith loose and start to march against your lack As these men rose up.

When these men rose to their feet and set their face toward the Syrians. God's delivering power began to flow toward removing their lack.

These men did something with their faith before God moved in. Again I say to you: There is a difference. Chapter 4 When a mother came before me with her little son in the healing line in the Jacksonville. I reached down and placed my hand on this A healing is a recovery of something in the physical body that has been damaged or weakened by sickness or disease. She was asking me to pray and believe for a creative miracle. A creative miracle is when God creates something that has never been there before.

The Lord speaks of prayer for "the sick to recover" and for "the Lord to raise them up. So in all honesty. I'll do it. I don't ask you to believe for my son. But I publicly state that the way I understand the Word of God. But the I was unmoved by what she said. I'll do the believing. I said to the crowd. It was like a deep sigh. I can't pray for your son because I don't believe God will give him a new hip socket.

But in the resurrection. I heard a sound coming from all over the audience. I asked his mother why it was flat. The tears were flowing down her cheeks. Suddenly her eyes flashed and she said with indignation. I said. All I ask is that you pray as a Point of Contact. I have to tell you that I do not believe God will give a creative miracle in this life. Attack Your Lack young boy's right hip and it was flat. God has given him a new hip socket.

But the people touched the chairs anyway and their prayers ascended like a powerful gust of wind. I simply said a few words of prayer. He's not only walking but running and leaping like any normal boy.

This time I didn't ask the audience to release their faith and use that Point of Contact. The crowd has been crying and praising God. And we've had him walking back and forth on the platform without his crutches. The next night when I arrived for the service. He examined him every way possible. The little fellow threw his arms around my legs and began to cry.

Attack Your Lack My associates looked pityingly at me. When we got up this morning and found my son's hip was restored. I called the doctor and he said to bring him in immediately. I put my hand on his right hip as I had done the night before when it was flat.

Seed-Faith 2000

To my absolute amazement it had filled in and as I touched it and the left hip. I was still not impressed. I have. Sure enough. His mother came with him and stood there triumphantly. I asked that he be brought behind the stage. He said he didn't understand it. When she told me this.

All she wanted was for the prayer of a man of God to be her Point of Contact to release her faith to God for this miracle. During the duration of that day crusade. In this case. I joined in with them. A Mass Miracle It was I who thought this boy was out of options.

He is greater and He sometimes leaps over our faith in a sovereign act of His own nature. We have faith. This woman had been looking for a creative miracle for her son's hip socket. But God isn't limited to our faith.

I sat down in my chair at the front of the platform and began praying for the sick as they came one by one up the ramp to stand before me. It's strange how our faith works. I was nearing the end of a line of people who were coming for prayer.

Attack Your Lack After I finished my sermon and made the invitation to the people to receive Christ as their personal Savior. To believe for a creative miracle was beyond me. We're human. It had happened before but not with the force it did this time. I believed it and was preaching it and expecting it.

It seemed in seconds the entire front was filled and dozens of wheelchairs were packed together before me. The audience rose up together like a covey of quail and began rushing forward. In a few moments it happened again. I remember I thought I was seeing thousands of lights flashing on and off and the power of God was going through me like an electrical current although it was not hurting me like electricity would. I was feeling something like a burst of light and energy totally engulfing me.

The third time God's power hit me. As if by a signal. I stood there not saying a word but experiencing the power of God flowing in my body and spirit in powerful currents. A calm. See John 9. But I knew that I knew someday. She got hers and I got mine. You can never out-believe God. You can never believe for something that is beyond God's ability to do.

That's when I began to believe for the first time that when we think we're out-believing what God can do— when we think that what we're asking for is beyond God's ability—it's not. The Bible tells a story of a young man who was born blind from birth.

As I walked over the grounds seeing all this. Attack Your Lack This lasted for about ten minutes. They parked dozens of wheelchairs in a section where those who no longer needed them could come and get them later.

As suddenly as the power of God swept down on that crowd. The next morning my associates in the tent crew gathered up armloads of crutches. He had never had sight. Jesus now takes the clay. Lazarus' body had been wrapped in long strips of cloth.. The tissues had become twisted and gnarled. Just as in the beginning God took the clay and molded Adam and breathed His life into him.

The muscles had shriveled.. See Mark Jesus spotted this man while He was in the middle of preaching a sermon.. It stinks. The tomb was sealed with a stone. The Bible tells about a man who had a withered hand He called to him. Jesus took clay and put it in that man's eye sockets. The Bible tells about Lazarus See John That's why we never stop attacking We always..

Attack Your Lack that tomb.. He can. When you feel that you're asking God to do something He can't do. When you feel your problems are out of control and can never be solved. Again I say: I was also taught that I was not to expect to receive anything back. I saw that the Word of God teaches us to give. The second part was wrong. Even among us humans in our daily affairs. Perhaps you have asked it too. I never could understand though why it was such a one-sided affair of my giving but not receiving anything back.

If I did I was being sacrilegious. I gave to God a long time before I really enjoyed it. I'd been taught as a Christian that I was to give. You see.. The first part of the teaching was right. A truth was on the edge of my consciousness but I couldn't quite get it into focus. Both sides have to profit or it's a bad deal.. One reason was that in my first 17 years of life I had never wanted to receive Jesus Christ into my heart as my personal Savior. That's a sad fact but it's a fact nonetheless.

I had not been close enough to God to understand this.. Attack Your Lack way street. Somewhere a light was shining inside me and I could hear a little bell going off in my mind. But I dreamed of being a lawyer and walking in the footsteps of Amos Pleasant Roberts who had been I grew up in church and under the preaching of the Word of God. What was happening? God was trying to get through all the bad teaching I had heard about receiving. Papa was a preacher. Papa believed I was going to die and.

Three events changed my mind. I falsely believed if I got saved that would mean I would never get to go to law school and become a lawyer—and later fulfill my highest dream of someday becoming governor of Oklahoma. I had no hope of a cure in that day when there were no medicines to cure TB as there are now.

God is going to heal you.. I will not get off my knees unless you give your heart to God. That dream was so big in me I couldn't care less about getting saved. I was struck down at 17 with tuberculosis. I'm going to kneel here and pray for you to be saved tonight. I felt nothing. Instantly I knew I was not to be a lawyer. Attack Your Lack desire at all to repent of my sins and ask God to save my soul.

So is everyone else He's ever saved and who has obeyed Him. I wanted Him. Seeing Jesus. It finally dawned on me that God now has me. But as Papa raised up on his knees and lifted his voice so that I could look right down over my body to the end of the bed and see his face. Save me! I must have had a vision. And that's millions of people multiplied through the centuries to this I heard myself say. I had never felt any feelings that I wanted to be saved. Suddenly Papa's face faded and I saw the countenance of Jesus.

I am part of what God has received back from His giving of Jesus. He lost us ALL. We don't know how that feels. God does. God was out of options. I am able at last to understand. They are gone. We still hurt. It means all God has is a result of what He has given. It's stupendous. God lost us all! Evelyn and I have lost two of our four children to death.

Both spiritually and organically we were lost from God who created us. From every standpoint of reason. He could give.. Do you hear me? God didn't say.. He was planting a seed—the promised seed of the woman. I'm going to send You to die on the cross just to see You suffer. God gave Jesus to get something back! He didn't give just to be giving. And here's the punchline. God is our Example. I want to see how You'll take it. He had one left. And He chose not an angel. Attack Your Lack The grief of God is indescribable.

What He gave produced back to Him all He has of us.. Hebrews What you give produces back to you all you have. In the same manner.. God gave His love. The joy of your salvation and restoration to God! This is the joy set before you too! You are to receive. I'm excited about it and constantly feel the joy You are giving of your time.. There's reason for you to live.. You are with God and God is with you in the joy and the power of your Seed-Faith.

God gave. I repeat: God gave to get a return. And as the good things flow in to fill up the lack. Your LACK can be overcome. Attack Your Lack of expecting a miracle from the Lord.. I received it! And I had opportunity to bless the person on the other end of the line with an idea from God greater than his gift!

You CAN find fulfillment and joy in this life. You CAN win. It was exactly what I had to have. Praise God. In my personal experience of attacking my lack through my giving By YOU! You can expect your very giving to result in receiving.

And as you receive the things of God. You begin to have a life that's filled with miracles. Evelyn had seen me give all but a tiny part of everything I am and earned to the ministry and only a fraction to myself and family. She would say. I had to get into Faith-Talk and say.. The way I began to change was to see that Gradually God spoke to me through her to practice what I preached to others: Give AND receive.

It was for me too. She was much clearer-eyed on this than I was. I was not supposed to receive back for myself. What I mean is that just as I had to shift gears in my thinking about giving.. In effect. I was not worthy. God wants you to receive back just as He receives back from His giving. And that was to attack my lack by an act of my faith— and my will—to receive.

But in our personal giving you are reluctant to receive for our personal needs. Attack Your Lack God had received back Just as it took an act of God's love and faith for Him to give. Once again I say: I'm still working at it and improving all the time.. You attack it by your giving AND by your receiving. It became real and alive inside me.. And it takes faith both to sow it and to expect to reap— or receive back—from it.

I saw it. Your seed and your faith are inseparably linked together. Why is it called Seed-Faith? Because God shows us it takes a seed for you to give. On Reaping Your Harvest. God Says. I remember how Papa had to teach me about the growing time of a seed. After we planted I'd run out the next day or two to see if the radishes or onions or tomatoes were already up or rush out to the fields to see if the cotton or corn or wheat had grown enough to be ready to harvest.

As a child I was ignorant of God's laws of growth for the seed. Papa would say. Give it time! Attack Your Lack experienced in planting seed with Papa and my brother Vaden. I began to understand there is a growing time that comes between seedtime and harvesttime.

During the growing time we would water the seed when the rains didn't come. I had no one to teach me. It didn't occur to me there is a growing time in the spiritual laws of seedtime and harvest just as there is in the natural realm.

Then we would hoe around the young plant to remove the weeds from hindering its growth. We tended the plant to give it the best chance possible to grow and mature.

Worse still. Unconsciously I reverted to my childhood and expected God's miracle return to come overnight. It was as if I'd planted corn and didn't find a crop the next day so I just wandered off.

No one in the church. We felt we "ought" to PAY our tithes and offerings.

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Often it became a burden to pay the first tenth of what we earned-and we were earning precious little. We had no scriptural concept that our earnings were meant to increase through regular harvest times God had promised us. The preachers had to bear down on paying tithes and offerings. As a result. If poverty would save souls. It's not poverty that meets our needs on our way to heaven. This was one of the chief reasons that we gradually were drawn into Satan's net of false believing that if we became a Christian we were supposed to be poor.

We were ten percent poorer with each dollar we gave. Poverty Is Not a Blessing Of course. Attack Your Lack In short. It's not poverty that saves. A woman put it aptly when she said to a minister friend of mine who was urging the lay people to sacrifice: For that reason God sent His Son to the Because God's giving and receiving works both ways for Him and for each of us whether we're a minister or a lay believer.

Because you can never pay. I feel the same way. Attack Your Lack cross and there He paid the debt for us. The Bible is very clear on that point. You can't pay God off. I've used tithes and offerings here because we human beings tend to think of giving as relating to our money.It's that part of you that longs to communicate with God Debts overrun you.

Both spiritually and organically we were lost from God who created us. Roberts not only distributed Hebrew Bibles in Israel, but also had copper trunks with these Bibles buried in the caves of Petra and remote locations in Israel. The crowd has been crying and praising God. The third time God's power hit me.

His spiritual power in heaven. Give AND receive.