Editorial Reviews. Review. A steamy, sexy trilogy from the latest author in erotic fiction MARIE Book 1 of 4 in This Man Series (4 Book Series). Read {PDF Epub} Read Online / Download With This Man by Jodi Ellen is back in the newest novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling This Man series! +. Jesse Ward is back in the newest novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling This Man series! Life is good for Jesse "The Lord" Ward. Perfect, actually. He still .

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Just click on the below link to download This Man pdf: Beneath This Man Pdf · This Man Confessed Pdf (This Man Trilogy Book 3) · The. Mar 22, at pm. Jodi Ellen Malpas - This Man series and The Protector ❤. Jodi Ellen Malpas - This Man (Book 1).epub. KB. Jodi Ellen Malpas. Read Beneath This Man (This Man #2) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. Beneath This Man is a Romance novel by Jodi Ellen Malpas.

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The grass wilted, and the leaves wore a tired look about them. The haze in the air was uncomfortable; one saw mirages on tarmac highways. Except for the noise of cars on the road, and that of birds singing in the trees, the whole land was gripped in a deathly stillness. No wind blew. No leaves rustled. No clothes fluttered anywhere. Three army trucks and four police Land-Rovers went by. The soldiers were fully armed with rifles and machine-guns.

The police carried truncheons, shields and tear-gas masks. This man has indeed spent a long time in the forest, she thought to herself. He should first go home and sleep off the fatigue of many years. That's what the police are always doing,' Miiriiiki answered. They stood on a hill near a cluster of wattle trees.

Before 40 them spread a tea plantation, extending far into the horizon. The tea-bushes were so well trimmed that they now looked like a huge bed of green. They walked and walked and walked down the slope, but they were still nowhere near the end of the estate. One ridge simply gave way to the next. Miiriiiki felt tired and ached all over. When he looked at Matigari, he could not help wondering: What sort of man is this?

Arter they had walked for several miles without reaching even one of the ends of the plantation, Giithera suggested that they first find a place where they could spend the night, and continue with their search the following day.

The women have left their workplaces by now.. It was not an easy task. They walked through the tea-bushes without finding their way out or corning across anyone who would tell them which way to go. The whole plantation spread out uniformly and endlessly in all directions. No landmarks, not even a cloud of smoke somewhere, broke the green monotony.

Matigari felt sad. The day was about to end. He had not yet found his wives. He had not set eyes on his house. Age seized him.

His pace slackened, and he merely dragged his feet along. They walked westwards, with the rays of the setting sun shining directly into their faces. The heat of the sun was now less intense, but still there was not even the slightest breeze to 41 cool the sweat that clung to their armpits and moistened their brows.

Their feet throbbed, and their toes ached.

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Was this a hallucination caused by the sun shining directly into their faces or brought about by the fatigue they felt? For all of a sudden the three of them sawor thought they saw - a group of horses galloping westwards, leaving behind them a trail of dust goldened by the rays of the setting sun. Aren't those horses? They followed in the trail of the horses, although they could not see them clearly.

The horses continued galloping westwards. A red cloud enveloped the sun, but the sun continued to peep from behind it, sending out darts of fire in every direction. It turned out that what had seemed like a group was in fact only two horses. Again, they could not see them very clearly, but they could hear and follow the sound of their hoofs. Suddenly Matigari stopped in his tracks and dramatically pointed to a distant hill in front of them, his whole body trembling with excitement.

That is the house for which I spent so many years struggling against Settler Williams - until yesterday, whenhe fell and I placed my foot on his chest How could I not have recognised this plantation, recognised my own?

Let us go; let us go home together.. His eyes shone brightly. All the creases on his face had gone, and youth had once again returned to him. Their horses were exactly alike. Both had silky brown bodies. The riders too wore clothes of the same colour. Indeed, the only difference between the two men was their skin colour. Even their postures as they sat in the saddle were exactly the same. The way they held their whips and the reins - no difference.

And they spoke in the same manner. They were about to part. They checked their horses and waited. Giithera and Miiriiiki had already stopped behind a cluster of bushes, and they watched from a safe distance to see what was going to happen. They were each asking themselves the same question: Is this man sane?

Were these not the houses which had once belonged to the colonialist settlers but now belonged to the very rich, the foreign and the local people of all colours - black, brown and white? Yet Matigari seemed to have no qualms or any inhibitions. He walked past the two men on horseback and reached for the gate. Hakuna njia. Or can't you read? That isn't the way to the servants' quarters. Which home? I have wandered for far too many years in far too many places over the earth. The black man now got off his horse; with one hand on the reins, he walked towards Matigari.

His white companion, still on horseback, came nearer. Matigari held the gate with one hand. A piece oj comic theatre, eh? I will be the audience and you two the actors. But to amuse you, I'll try Who are you? Do you know whose home this is? It's mine. It belongs to me and to all my people.

How is it yours?

He let out a sigh. Letting go of the gate, he turned to the black man and began talking to him. Now it seemed as if it was Matigari who was explaining complex things to a child, in a language which only a child would understand. He was not condescending, however, but tolerant and gentle. It is a long story Do you see this house?

Do you see these tea plantations and this road?

Who do you think built them all? And, mark you, I did not begin yesterday. I have seen many things over the years. Just consider, I was there at the time of the Portuguese, and at the time of the Arabs, and at the time of the British - ' 'Look, I don't want history lessons!

I only asked you about the house. Do you think that this house has a story different from the story of these hands? Hands are the makers of human history. Do you know Settler Williams? The white colonialist who used to live here? He disappeared in theforest years ago. Fate unknown, but presumed dead. Don't I know? This play is more interesting than our evening rides. Howard Williams? The white man who lived here?

What about him? What do you know of him?

The white-man-whoreaps-where-he-never-sowed? How can I, black-man-whoproduces, not know the white-man-who-reaps-where-he-neversowed? Or how do you think the whole quarrel began? Yes, it was the very fact that I had come to know who he really.

Right there. Just like that. You can imagine it. Oile early morning, I woke up, cleaned my ears and eyes and then went to Settler Williams; and I told him. You clan of parasites, there is no night so long that will not end with dawn. And no day dawns like another.

Today is a new day, and the sun is shining brightly in the sky.

Let me ask you a few questions. Who built this house? Who cleared and tilled this land? Listen to me carefully. The builder demands back his house, and the tiller his land. Who does the white-man-whoreaps-where-he-never-sowed think he is? Does he think that he is God's representative here on earth? Go home. For, from this day on, the builder refuses to beg for a place where he can lay his head; the tiller refuses to starve; the tailor refuses to go without clothes; and the producer refuses to part with his wealth.

I sang: You foreign oppressor, Pack your bags and leave! For the owner of this house Is on his way! But there is nothing worse than slavery in this world. Ah, slavery! The chaining 46 of the mind and of the soul!

Who do you think it was that screamed to warn Settler Williams? Who do you think it was that leaped on my back, making me drop the gun before I could pull the trigger? None other than John Boy! John Boy? Do you know him also? He used to be the settler's cook. That man! He was really fat - as fat as a pig; no, like a hippo.

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But what do you expect from anybody feeding on the left-overs from the settler's table -? Matigari felt as though his body had been cleaved into two. His muscles gave way.

He sank to the ground. None of those present expected to see such a thing take place. Even Giithera and Mfiriiiki were taken unawares by the sound of the whip as it shot through the air and landed with a sharp cracking sound on Matigari. As the black man raised the whip a third time, the white man intervened. Oh, the cheek.. Didn't he also disappear at the same time as my dad? And this scarecrow seems to know everything.

I'llflay him until he squeals everything. Remember you are playing a comic role; the tragic role was played by our fathers. Ask him a few more questions. Maybe he will provide the missing link in my theory about the fate of my father.

Then he remembered that he had girded himself with the belt of peace. He tried his best to endure the pain without letting it show; getting up slowly from where he lay, he held on to the gate for support. The sun had set by now, but it had left behind a blood-red 47 glow in the evening sky, lighting up the house, the gate and the road on which they stood. Take a proper look at me, before darkness sets in. I am John BoyJunior. Mr Boy, whom you are insulting, happened to be my father.

He was a man of class, an important man. He was very wise, and he had great foresight. He sent me to school, at a time when people here did not know the value of education. He put me on a ship and sent me to Fort Hare in South Africa.

There I got a number of diplomas in administration. I used to eat dinners in the Inns of Court, where I learned how to dress like a gentleman, and from where I was called to the bar.

Andjust as I was about to return home and show my many degrees and certificates to my father, I received a letter informing me that he had gone to the forest with Major Howard Williams, to hunt down terrorists.

That - ' 'Stop The boy the cost of whose education we all contributed to, singing with pride: Here is one of our own and not a foreigner's child over whom I was once insulted? The boy for whom we sang: He shall come back and clean up our cities, our country, and deliver us from slavery?

The boy we sent off to study, saying that a child belongs to all, that a nation's beauty was borne in a child, a future patriot? Mzee, I would ask you to learn the meaning of the word "individual". Our country has remained in darkness because of the ignorance of our people. White people are advanced because they respect that word, and therefore honour the freedom of the 48 individual, which means the freedom of everyone to follow.

Survival of the fittest. But youblackpeoplerYou walk about fettered to your families, clans, nationalities, people, masses. If the individual decides to move ahead, he is pulled back by the others.

What's the meaning of the word "masses"? Mzee, let me tell you that what belongs to the masses is carried in a bottomless pail. How does the song go? Don't you remember how people contributed money to send you to study? Has nobody ever told you?

Don't you remember that you intellectuals are greatly indebted to the very masses whom you are now calling idiots? I will pay back your money this instant, plus interest Let me tell you, old man, what is mine is mine.

If you want me to share what you have, that's up to you. Go fetch it. I shan't disappoint you. I laughed, I cried and I definitely swooned!!! I didn't I finally put on my big girl panties and read this one. I didn't know it was possible to fall even more in love with Jesse, but I did!!! And I am pretty sure Ava did as well ; I highly recommend this series View all 23 comments. It made it much more enjoyable for the fourth book with my mind refreshed I actually was surprised at how many memories I had forgotten!

View all 28 comments. My life. My day, my night, my air, water, and fire. They own a health club, and have eleven year old twins they adore. Jesse is still a demanding, intense, controlling man who loves his lady with his entire heart and soul.

This strong, complicated, unreasonable man is suddenly vulnerable, gentle and patient. This book exceeded ALL my expectations! It was beautiful, funny, emotional, devastating, passionate, and full of so much love.

His family is everything to him, and he refuses to give up. He completely cherishes Ava, but is still his complex, possessive, trampling self. He touches me, and my veins charge with heat. In his arms I feel at home. Like nothing can hurt me.

My need for him is unrelenting. Whenever I look at you, I know you are mine. I loved this one so much but gotta admit I'm a little upset with JEM for making me cry so hard towards the end.

View all 9 comments. My favorite book of the year!!! It was my absolute favorite. I loved it immensely and wasn't sure how JEM would top the pregnancy and subsequent delivery of the twins.

If you've followed my reviews for any length of time, you know I love me some babies! But I needn't have worried, With This Man is on a whole other level of brilliance. Shockingly, the author is able to pay homage to the love story we've all come to love while simultaneously allowing us to relive it and fall in love with this couple in a completely different light.

It's every single little thing I wanted and more. Jesse finds himself in a situation he feared, but never really expected. The love of his life doesn't know him. His heart broke. My heart broke. Man oh man, I think I cried throughout. It was just so beautiful! The drama is bigger than ever and so is the LOVE! For more of my reviews: My Blog: View 1 comment. It's been 13 years since Jesse 'stalked' his way into Ava's life and heart.

And he's just as crazy mad as he's always been! Instead of a sex club they now run an elite gym! Their twins Maddie and Jacob are twelve already! Everything is perfect. Even though Jesse is a bit sad at the moment, because he's turning 50!!!

Ava has a serious car accident. She wakes up from her coma after a few days, but she's forgotten the last 16 years of her life. Jesse, the ki It's been 13 years since Jesse 'stalked' his way into Ava's life and heart. Jesse, the kids, everything. She thinks she's a 22 year old single girl. Poor Jesse. He's so sad and heartbroken. But he's not giving up. He needs to make Ava remember him and the kids.

Challenge accepted. He'll make her fall in love with him again - he did it once - he'll be able to do it again! It's been such a long time since those first three books! And now Jesse is back! And I just loved this book. Even more than the first ones I think. It somehow has a completely different feel to it. As if it was written by someone else. Or there was an amazing editor involved ; The beginning of the book is so very Jesse.

Fun and crazy mad and peanut butter and adorable and sexy. And then the accident happens and it just breaks our hearts! He'll fight until his last breath to make sure that Ava remembers their life. I just loved every minute of this story - even though I cried a LOT! But hurry, or Jesse will eat all the peanut butter by himself! Remember us. End Of!!! For lovers of the This Man series, being back with Jesse and Ava is wonderful.

The circumstances are a bit daunting. Ava losing 16 years in her mind. Can Jesse bring the memories back, can he make her love him again, will she remember the children?? Ava is his world and without her, there is no world for Jesse Ward.

She reigns supreme. She is my world. Fuck, what would I ever do without her? Turn to dust. Fade to nothing. This story takes Jesse on an emotional rollercoaster. And the twist that comes to the Ward family - Perfect!!!! If you love Jesse and Ava, this story is a must read. This series is one of my all time favorites and to get a Book 4 from the author was fanfreakingstatic!!!!!

With This Man

Jun 01, Diana rated it it was amazing Shelves: With This Man is book 4 in the This Man series, and is a must read if you have read the previous books. It has been 12 years since Jesse and Ava were married, and life has sure changed for Jesse.

He is a father of twins and his love for Ava is as strong as ever. When Ava wakes up after an accident, she thinks she is 28 and has no recollection of Jesse or their children.

He is determined to help her remember, because without Ava, he is nothing. Highs and lows, good and bad. She does struggle with his over protectiveness, but she realizes it is just how he is. After if finished the sweet epilogue. I really want to go back and read this series all over again! I feel lost. Lost and bewildered.

Controls me. She keeps my blood chasing through my veins, my heart beating, my soul pure. A husband.

My family is both my biggest weakness and my greatest strength. I live and breathe for them, and that will never change. Until the day I die, it will always be about them.

And I smell nothing but love in Paradise. View all 12 comments. The Lord is Back!!!. There's a reason he's still the number 1 alpha Hero of all time! He's passionate, he's drool worthy, he tramples resistance, but his heart is a bottomless pool full of immense love for Ava. Only her.


No other woman dead or alive will turn his head or his heart. And his little peanuts- Maddie and Jacob. I suddenly feel like the God she thinks I am. The God I know I am " No truer words have been spoken or written!

Of course he's arrogant and full of co The Lord is Back!!!. And even at 50, he's all muscle and raw sexuality, I still drool at the sight of his naked torso did I say that out loud!? I meant Ava Anywho, he's like in the prime of his life. My wife. My children. Their love. Total gratification. Absolute, complete, Earth-shifting, universe-shaking love.

And then life flips over and crashes badly. All is broken and all is forgotten I cried so badly for him. He climbed the Everest to get Ava to fall in love with him the first time, does he have time to do it again?

What's the guarantee that his ferocious love will be enough again to dissipate the fog around them!! But he's not persistent, if nothing else. My Lord Of The Manor! Woe is me! Even if he has to fight the Almighty God himself!!! And the fight is hard, and exhausting , and debilitating, and excruciating.

It's like learning to walk again, feel again, learn again, operating washer again. Jesse is at breaking point multiple times but he has a goal to work towards -getting his life back. His life with his Love and family. As Big John says " Get a fucking grip, you stupid Motherfucker "!

The usual Lord's humour is intact Thank God I can be reasonable. I flex every day of my damn life. And Red flag. Bull on the loose. That's all I'm saying I jumped when i heard that Lord is getting his book again. And I couldn't wait to meet him and ogle him. Jodi has been very generous with Jesse in this book. There's a whole lot of him to love, admire and support. Mostly in his POV,The book is enjoyable journey of Jesse who learns to breathe deep, give a little space and hang in there.

Being a rock solid for his family to hang on to while the rough storm rocks their Family Boat. The end slayed me.

At one point I was like , thank god for divine intervention and the other I was oh god why didn't you interfere sooner.. Blog - https: View all 4 comments. Is he egomaniac? Is he possessive? Yes but only with Ava and the twins! Is he unreasonable? When it comes to his loved ones yes! Would I run away from him in real life? Only Ava was made for Jesse truly.

Did I love the book? Yes but honestly less than what I expected due to the hype. Jodi is true to this series and has done Jesse justice. But I think I outgrew the series.

Would have I read the book years ago it would probably have been six stars. Jesse is hitting fifty and is plagued by insecurity. I loved this part of the story as it feels real and true. He loves and craves her like day one. If she loved him so much how could she forget him? How could she have no memories of the twins? What would happen if she never gets her memory back?

Jesse was lost. Ava was lost. The twins were lost. Everyone was hurting. Now Kate kicked Jesse in the behind and told him he was not a quitter. That Ava married him because he was determined and never stopped trying. Jesse is now on a mission: It was emotional, hot, sweet and angsty. I loved reading about these two but I was always wondering: To make love with passion and abandon several times a day every day?

Now the beauty of fiction is that..

Recommend it? If you are a fan this is undoubtedly a must read! Have you read it? Are you one of Jesse's fans? Thanks for reading!

Beware Of The Reader Facebook:Let Jesse help her remember all they were and still are. Trilogy, this is an epic fantasy that offers a twisted lookat our modern-day world--a reality that exists in another dimension of time and space that m I cried so badly for him. This is the story of their long road back. She went to see him in prison. The two policemen and their dog passed by the restaurant, heading towards the far side of the shopping centre.

Let us share the food together, and sing joyfully together! I fell in love with Ava and Jesse all over again, if not even more. Do you think that this house has a story different from the story of these hands?