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That's the first question to ask, and I think my answer is probably the same as it is in every house. With a busy family - there's me and Tana and our four children, Megan, Jack, Holly and Tilly - I want to be able to provide healthy food throughout the day, from breakfast to dinner, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I want it to be the kind of food that gets everyone excited, so there needs to be lots of variety. I want it to pack a punch, so I love big bold flavours.

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Above all, I want it to be the sort of food that will draw the whole family together. It really depresses me how many families don't eat as a unit any more, because, for me, sitting around a table sharing food and conversation is the biggest pleasure in life and a family that doesn't have that is all the poorer.

But enough of the theory. Let's get on to the practice. How do you achieve all this? I've divided this book into chapters to see you through the whole day, from weekday breakfasts through to Saturday night dinners, and hopefully you will find plenty of recipes that will become family favourites. But before we get on to those, let me share some general tips to make cooking a pleasure.

After a lifetime in kitchens, this, I realise, is the golden rule.

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Nine times out of ten, if something goes wrong, it's your preparation that was at fault. Get your ingredients out, prep the vegetables, have all your pans ready and in easy reach.

Not only will it make your cooking more efficient, it will also make it far less stressful. I might add that it also makes it easier to tidy up as you go along, another great skill that professional kitchens have taught me.

Great home cooking is built around the classics, but cooking the same old dishes can soon become a chore.

The secret is to not let them go stale. Make sure you keep your cooking exciting by tweaking and adapting it.

Over the past 20 years I've really noticed a big change in people's attitudes to what they will and won't eat. People are much more adventurous these days. They love trying new flavours, new ingredients and new cooking techniques, so take inspiration from around the world. Try your hand at Asian noodles or Mexican tacos, make some spicy Middle Eastern meatballs. Even a classic like roast beef and Yorkshire pudding can be given the occasional makeover.

It will make a great change for you and your family and give you all renewed enthusiasm. One thing cooking has to do is to stand up and be noticed. It doesn't matter if a dish is light and delicate or full-on and gutsy, the flavours should be distinct and clear. You don't want wishy-washy.

And that means getting the maximum from your ingredients. The two things I notice home cooks don't use confidently enough are heat and seasoning. Get your pans properly hot before adding your ingredients and don't be afraid to get a good colour on meat and sometimes vegetables, as this will translate into extra flavour. Similarly, season well and early on to bring out the flavour of your ingredients, tasting as you go along.

A little ambition is a good thing, but it's always good to know your limits. Not so much in the complexity of what you make - there's nothing in this book that will be beyond a reasonable cook - but in terms of your menu choice. This is mainly down to good planning.

Don't make a meal that requires four dishes to be stir-fried at the last minute, or try making a frozen pudding after you get back from work for dinner that evening. Remember also that practice makes perfect.

[PDF] Gordon Ramsay s Ultimate Cookery Course Full Online by Gordon Ramsay

If you worry that something will go wrong, it probably will, so try not to stress yourself out. Remember, recipes are only there as a guideline and most of the time a little bit too much of this or too little of that is not going to cause a catastrophe.

Get the children or your guests involved. Have them chop or stir or lay the table and make the whole process a more social occasion.Click Download or Read Online button to get gordon ramsay ultimate fit food book now. You don't want wishy-washy. Toggle navigation. Poached eggs, on the other hand, can be cooked in advance and reheated in boiling water.

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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. With breakfast, though, it doesn't work like that and there's not much you can do in advance. So what do they and you want from home cooking? This will depend in large part on how many you are catering for: pancakes for two is easy; pancakes for 12 is a nightmare.